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    Two major breakthroughs in the development of power capacitors

    Date:2016-09-19 00:00:00 Click:1222

    Although the capacitor technology in our country has been improved, but the power capacitor manufacturing enterprise product structural problems and comprehensive technical strength is weak, still have not been solved very well.

    After years of development, manufacturing process, equipment and technology of power capacitor in China have entered the advanced ranks in the world. But due to the development of development of power system and power capacitor manufacturing enterprises in our country are manufacturing technology are disjointed problem, which leads to 500 thousand volts and 220 thousand volts transformer substation with large capacity shunt capacitor device exists and main wiring, improper protection coordination and improper parts selection and parameter mismatch problem.

    In recent years, the scale of the implementation of centralized bidding and national Power Grid Corp, help power capacitor industry to solve the problem of confusion in the allocation of capacitor device, at the same time to determine the direction of development for the power capacitor industry. In addition, the tender specification corrected the problem of excessive large capacity wiring error rate of capacitor banks, to solve large capacitors with relay protection and setting calculation problems, and problems of capacitor blasting energy exceed the standard. From the point of view of the power system operation statistics, with the solution of these problems, the operation reliability of the reactive power compensation device is also increasing year by year.

    But, despite the capacitor technology in China has been improved to some extent, the product structural problems of enterprises and the overall technical strength is weak but the power capacitor manufacturing, is still not solved very well.

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