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    Welcome to taizhou huifeng electron enterprise's official website,inquire please dial +86-576-86331676 E-mail:sales@tzhfdz.com!


    Company philosophy: beyong, the eternal pursuit !

    Company solgan: unity of purpose, consistent attitude of one mind!

    Business philosophy: Development is the eternal pursuit of quality is the eternal security, Service is the eternal promise, win-win is the eternal theme.

    Corporate valves:

    Respect for customer: everything from customer

    Integrity: honesty, integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness

    Professional: a professional attitude and professional standards to treat customers

    Collaboration: always use the quick step look at the the problem of vision

    Dedication:always do the best to pursue

    Learning: a little progress every day, with the times!

    Company mission:let us work together to do a good job in every product and service to customers, create value for society!


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